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Welcome to our Foundation

Narabahadur Karmacharya Pratisthan is here to serve and enrich Nepalese society. If you select the Narabahadur Karmacharya Pratisthan Polytechnic College for your educational endeavors, I promise to ensure that you receive an enriching educational experience that will equip you with the academic skills needed to attain your diploma level academic as well as vocational training to acquire gainful employment. If you see anything you might be interested in, please stop by and we will be happy to serve you.


About Our Foundation

Nara Bahadur Karmacharya Memorial School is an academy established in the memory of a respected personality of the democratic and people's liberation and social change movement of Nepal.

An educational program of the Nara Bahadur Karmacharya Memorial Foundation, established in the memory of Karmacharya, who dedicated his entire life to the cause of building a strong and prosperous socialist nation by transforming Nepal politically, economically, socially, educationally and culturally.


Required books of each faculty is available at the college library which can be issued by students through their library cards.

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Online Classes

Conduction of online classes will take place according to the need and use as we are completely aware of every tough situations .

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The certificate of CTEVT holds it's different important position at the national level. The students will be well benefited with it in the future.

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Student Friendly

The educational environment of the college is completely student friendly. We focus on making them feel comfortable to learn.

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Self Development

Why Choose Us?

Our main belief is that the process of teaching and learning should never be boring and tiring and so at NBK Pratisthan we provide our students with a fun and immersive environment where they can entirely sharpen their skills.

The diploma courses provided by our institution brings together a whole new dimension to entire education system because we move forward with the idea that the process of teaching and learning is not just confined within bookshelves.

Self Development

Self-awareness can likewise incorporate creating others' abilities and character. This may occur through jobs, for example, those of an educator or tutor, either through an individual competency,or through expert assistance.

Past developing oneself and creating others, "self-awareness" names a field of training and exploration: As a field of training, self-awareness incorporates self-awareness strategies, learning programs, appraisal frameworks, apparatuses, and procedures.


Present-day thoughts of otherworldliness created all through the nineteenth and twentieth century, blending Christian thoughts in with Western exclusive conventions and components of Asian, particularly Indian, religions.

Otherworldliness turned out to be progressively separated from conventional strict associations and organizations. It is in some cases connected today with philosophical, social, or political developments.


Personality helps gain certainty, confidence, a positive effect on one's relational abilities, and the way one sees the world. Understudies ought to build up a cordial and great character that will upgrade the nature of learning.

It tends to be valued that character influences how individuals learn and the sort of environment(s) in which they will probably dominate. Character definitely influence learning conduct and serve a facilitative function concerning inspiration.

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Diploma in Civil Engineering is a course that aims to generate eligible manpowers in the sector of Civil Engineering which will surely reflect one's interests and strengths in this field.

Diploma in Agriculture

Diploma in Agriculture is a course that aims to generate eligible manpowers in the sector of Agriculture which will surely reflect one's interests and strengths and help the nation grow as an agricultural hub.

Diploma in Hotel Management

Diploma in Hotel Management is 3 years course that aims to generate eligible manpowers in the sector of hotel management which will surely reflect one's interests and strengths.